Culinary Arts/Baking


Program Overview

At Western Area CTC, we emphasize both theory and hands-on training for our Culinary Arts/Baking students. This three-year program prepares students for employment in the Culinary Arts/Baking industry upon graduation or can be an excellent stepping-stone for enrollment into post-secondary training.  Course topics include Baking, Banquets, Grilling, Broiling, Braising and Stewing, Cuisines Around the World, Culinary Math/Food Costs, Knife Skills, Meat and Poultry, Restaurant Set-Up; and OSHA and ServSafe Practices.

Culinary Arts/Baking Skills

Students will learn active listening skills, critical thinking, equipment selection, complex problem solving, learning strategies, and service orientation.  Although theory is necessary, most of this technology is hands-on learning

Careers and Initiatives

  • Students will have the opportunity to co-op in their senior year, providing grades and attendance meet state standards.
  • Discover the many opportunities in the Culinary Arts/Baking Technology.
  • There are many jobs in Washington and surrounding counties, including Banquet Chef, Banquet Manager, Food & Beverage Director, Pastry Chef, Baker, Cook, and Dietician.
  • In 2020, the average wage for a Chef and Head Cook was $25.66 hourly, $53,380 annually; and for a Baker $29,400 annually.

Post-Secondary Training Options

To provide students the opportunity to advance their careers, Western Area articulates with several colleges and trade schools, including . . .

  • Community College of Allegheny County
  • Pittsburgh Technical College
  • Sullivan University
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania


  • CareerSafe OSHA
  • ServSafe: Food Allergens; Food Handler
  • National Restaurant Association: Manager Food Safety
  • S/P2: Culinary