Program Overview

At Western Area CTC, we emphasize both theory and hands-on training for our Networking students. This program provides students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge for employment or attendance at a post-secondary school following completion of our three-year program. Students will learn aspects of Computer Hardware/Software and Networking such as but not limited to –

1. Hardware Building, Setup, and Repair (PC, Laptop, Mobile devices, Router, Switch)
2. Hardware/Software (Preventative Maintenance, Troubleshooting)
3. Networking Concepts (DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, Subnet)
4. Network Cabling (Creation, Troubleshooting)
5. OSI/Network Models
6. Soft Skill/Resume Building
7. Security Concepts

Networking Technology Skills

Students will have the opportunity to learn skills related but not limited to –
Critical thinking, Complex problem-solving, Installation, Troubleshooting, Active listening, Judgment and Decision making, Teamwork, Communication, and Organization skills.

Although theory is necessary, most of this technology is hands-on learning. Discover academic and research centers and initiatives concentrating specifically on international topics related to the Information Technology field.

Careers and Initiatives

Students will have the opportunity to co-op in their senior year providing grades and attendance meet state standards.
Students will be able to work toward program certifications.
Discover the many career opportunities in the Networking field such as NOC Technician, Service Desk/Help Desk/IT Support, Network Technician, Cable Installer, etc.
There are many job opportunities within Washington and surrounding counties. Remote opportunities are sometimes available for certain job locations.

In May of 2022, the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics stated the median hourly wage for a Computer Network Support Specialist was $32.72/Hr, or $68,050 annually.

Post-Secondary Training Options

Western Area CTC articulates with Pittsburgh Technical College to provide students the opportunity to advance their careers.


CareerSafe : OSHA 10, Cyber Safety Awareness, Cybersecurity Essentials for Work
Cisco : CCST Networking, CCST Cybersecurity, CCNA
Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) : ITF+, Tech+,  A+, Network+