A Response To McGuffey’s September Board Meeting

McGuffey School District held a special Board meeting on September 27, 2021, during which inaccurate information was given to parents in the audience concerning Western Area.

First, I want to make it clear to all parents and guardians that Western Area NEVER COVID-tested any students at our school. We do daily temperature checks on students as they enter the building to identify students that may have a fever so they do not enter into the school ill. Our main goal is to keep all students safe. This is the reason for temperature checks.

Secondly, it was reported that we opened and closed the school several times during the school year. This, too, is inaccurate. Because we house students from ten sending schools, adjustments must be made when several of our larger schools close. It is true, however, that when several teachers became ill we did close our building to thoroughly disinfect the school pursuant to DOH guidelines. I would like to add that we were congratulated for remaining open most of the school year.

We will continue to remain vigilant in helping combat this dreadful virus. Our Health and Safety Plan states that all students attending Western Area will be required to wear a face covering. We are going with face masks and/or shields. Gators are not acceptable per DOH recommendation.

Unless directed to close the school by our sending districts or the Department of Health, our goal is to remain open. If we have to close school, students will continue to learn through our Zoom capabilities and Google Classroom. Teachers will continue to teach our students daily whether it be in person or virtually.

Hopefully this clears up any rumors or misinformation you may have heard from the McGuffey special meeting.