A Big Thank You to Parents

I want to personally thank all of our parents and guardians for your patience with the COVID confusion we are having these days. Please note that we are requiring that all students wear masks when attending our school.

Because Career and Technical programs differ from the home school classes, and to ensure the safety of our students and staff, mask wearing is required. Our students spend very little time in theory and a lot of time doing hands-on activities working very closely with their teachers and other students in teams or small groups. You really can’t learn welding, auto mechanics or collision repair from a text book. You have to get down-right dirty.

We are excited to start off this new school year. We will continue to do monthly parent meetings both in the AM and PM and will be announced on our website. You will be kept updated on everything that is happening at the school so you are informed and aware of our happenings. We feel these meetings are very beneficial and provide you the opportunity to ask questions you may have about the school or decisions that have been made.

We are also very excited that this is our school’s 50th anniversary. A few days of celebration are being planned toward the end of our school year. As soon as our plans are finalized, we want everyone to come back to Western Area to see all the changes, teachers, and maybe even a picture of you if you were a student here a few years back. We will keep you updated on this event as we continue to meet and discuss our celebration plans.

Again thank you for all your cooperation and patience with us. These are definitely different times in education. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone as safe as possible.