April 19th

On Tuesday, April 19th, Western Area was hit with a major power outage. When the interruption occurred, it sounded like fireworks were going off in our office! First, we lost our phones and use of our computers. Then, moments later, the lights and our heating system went out, leaving us literally in the dark. Unable to get through to West Penn, and not knowing how long we would be without electric and heat, we had no choice but to end our morning classes at 11:00 AM and cancel the afternoon session. Teachers and paraprofessionals were sent home at noon. The power was eventually restored before
1:00 PM.

This is not the first time service interruption has forced us to close or delay school. Power surges happen often, yet there is no one to reach out to for answers. We receive no calls or concern from the utility company to check to see if everything is alright at a school that have over 500 students enrolled.

In addition to the interruption and cancellation of classes, the school lost computers, a server, lights, ballasts, printers, and phones, at a cost exceeding $8,000. We are still assessing our damages by going from classroom to classroom and building to building. If you were affected by this power outage, I hope it did not destroy any of your home items.
We apologize for the abrupt interruption in your child’s education, but there are, unfortunately, some things we have no control over. Your understanding is appreciated.