Message from the Executive Director

On February 2nd we renewed efforts to educate students and staff on the proper way to
wear a face mask; and since they are the newest to our building, we started with our
first-year students. After our presentation, each student was given a choice of a
headband or tossle cap to keep them safe and warm in the winter weather.

Because our main concern is the safety and health of our students, changes have also
been made within our building. Food is not permitted in the shops; food carts will not
sell food or other items in the classrooms; and additional mask breaks will be provided
when necessary. Handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, and proper social distancing
continue to be emphasized, as well as providing masks to students who may have
forgotten them.

We have noticed students are not wearing masks on their school buses. Since this is a
federal law and not a school law, we are required to report this to our sending school
superintendents, which may result in consequences to those students not following the
mask mandate. This, again, is for safety reasons. You do not want your child to
become ill and bring that illness home to you due to the carelessness of others.

I want to thank all of you for your continued support of our efforts to ensure our students remain safe. When a child is ill, they lose valuable instructional time which may result in loss of certifications or licenses.

We continue to host Zoom parent meetings on the last Wednesday of each month. If
you have questions or concerns to address, please join me at the meeting. Links to the
meetings will be posted on the school website.

Thank You