Changes to our Health & Safety Plan

At our Board meeting on February 23, 2022, authorization to alter our Health and Safety Plan was approved.

Effective March 7, 2022, the following changes will take place at our school:

  • Although the continued use of masks will be strongly recommended, wearing masks will be optional for all students, visitors and staff entering our building.
  • School personnel will no longer take students’ and staff temperatures. If a student or staff member feels ill, we recommend that they do not come to school in an effort to avoid contamination. Ill students and staff will be assessed and have temperatures taken by the nurse.
  • Contact tracing will be discontinued. In the event a student or staff member becomes ill, we will not trace where the illness originated. When required by the Department of Health or CDC, the number of students and staff that have left due to COVID related illness will be reported.
  • Students and staff who have been “exposed” will not be required to quarantine.

Students and staff are permitted to continue to wear masks. Mask usage will now be an option rather than a mandate. Teachers and students who contract COVID will still need to follow the CDC guideline of “5 days quarantine and 5 days returned wearing a mask.” Teachers will have to use sick days during their quarantine.