Safety Updates

Posted by Dr. Dennis J. McCarthy on 2/27/2018

In the wake of all the school shootings, I want to assure all parents and guardians that Western Area CTC is diligently working to ensure our school continues to provide a safe learning environment for your children.

According to Everytown, there have been 17 school shootings in 2018 alone, and 290 since the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy. These incidents range from mass shootings like last week's in Florida to the accidental discharge of firearms, after-hours fights between adults on school property and suicides. Western Area does not intend to become a part of any report or statistic. What have we done since this information has been released?

  • The Chartiers-Houston Police Department will continue to do two walk-throughs in our building and will do security checks of the campus by driving around the building when they are able.
  • Barriers will be installed in front of the building.
  • Eleven surveillance cameras are being installed around the outside of the building.
  • A second set of security doors will be added to the Main Entrance.
  • To provide an additional safety measure for our students and staff, the web-based Raptor Security System will soon be installed to conduct screenings of all visitors to our building.
  • We have spoken to all of our students concerning safety and never letting anyone into the building from the outside.
  • All teachers have previously been in-serviced on "active shooter in the building" and will again receive that training in August. The theme is "See Something, Say Something."
  • All students and staff have been encouraged to inform Administration of what they see on social media so we can be proactive in our approach to keep everyone safe.

We thank you for allowing your children to attend Western Area, and assure you that every child will receive a great education in preparation for post-secondary schooling or the opportunity to enter their chosen field. Safety will remain our number one priority, and we will continue in our efforts to provide every possible security measure ensuring the safety and well-being of our students and staff.