August Update

Posted by Dr. Dennis J. McCarthy, Executive Director on 8/5/2020 7:50:00 AM

The decision to open school was reached after a lot of sleepless nights. Because our major concern is the safety and protection of our students and staff, countless hours have been spent arranging, rearranging, and cleaning every shop and classroom. And to adhere to “social distancing” guidelines, we have relocated some of our theory rooms. 

Career and Technical Education will be very different this school year. Every effort will be made by the administration and staff to provide as much hands-on instruction as is possible and permitted under these conditions, keeping in mind that Western Area must follow CDC Guidelines, PDE mandates, and the recommendations of our nine sending schools. We will also offer more theory via Zoom and Google Classroom due to this unpredictable pandemic. 

Our teachers are trying their best to provide our students with the best possible education. But we do need your help. FIRST: Be patient with us! Things change daily, sometimes by the minute. We are working to the best of our ability to make sure both theory (and when possible practical experience) occurs. SECOND: Work with your children when assignments are given to them by their teachers. When we have to provide distant learning, homework and assignments will be issued. We will be grading them the same as we would if they were in our building. Paraprofessionals will be assigned to several technologies and will be available to assist with any issues that may occur. We are all in this together. If you are having problems or have questions, call us. Our administration and staff are here to help. 

-- All students and staff will be required to wear either a face mask or face shield. 

-- Parents and Guardians should check their child’s temperature at home each day before sending the child to school. If a child has a temperature, or any signs of illness, please keep your child home. 

-- If a child becomes ill or has a temperature of 100.4 or higher while at school, the child will be isolated until a parent or guardian comes to get him/her. They will not be permitted to return to the home school on the bus. 

-- Our staff will do temperature checks on everyone entering the building. 

We have tried to make decisions that will best benefit our students while at the same time focusing on their safety and the safety of our staff. And although these decisions may create an inconvenience for some, they allow us all to be safe during these uncertain times. 

This has been a stressful and confusing summer. Let’s hope this passes soon and we return to some normality. Stay Safe.