• WACTC maintains different admission policies for different programs. Please check the program page for further details. Program-specific application packets are available for download. Below is the Admission Policy for Full-Time Adult Career Training Programs. 


    Applicants must complete and submit an application for admission.

    Applicants must be graduates of an accredited high school or possess a General Education Diploma (GED) issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education or a Home School Equivalent Certificate. Official high school transcripts, college transcripts, GED verification or a Home School Equivalent Certificate must be provided to the Supervisor of Adult Education.

    Applicants must submit a current acceptable Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) report from the Pennsylvania State Police prior to admission into any program. A current CHRI report must be dated within one year of the start date of the program.

    If the applicant has not resided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the prior two years, the applicant must obtain an FBI fingerprint clearance in addition to the CHRI report. Forms and instructions will be provided by WACTC.

    Applicants must submit a current acceptable Child Abuse Clearance from the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare prior to admission into the program. A current Child Abuse Clearance must be dated within one year of the start date of the course.

    Applicants must provide acceptable drug test results. These may be obtained through the WACTC pre-admission drug test procedure.

    Applicants must provide certification of appropriate health (verified by pre-entrance physical given by a physician or nurse practitioner). Students must provide evidence that all immunizations are current.

    For trade-specific programs, applicants must achieve a satisfactory score on a basic math and reading exam.

WACTC Adult Admissions Policy