Technology Centers That Work (TCTW) is a national effort designed to assist career and technology centers in preparing graduates for post-secondary studies and employment in high-demand, high-wage, high-skill fields. 

    The mission of schools in the TCTW network is to create an environment that motivates students to make the effort to succeed. Technology Center leaders and teachers can take these actions to motivate students to high levels:

    • Expand students' opportunities to pursue a career-focused program of study taught in ways that enable students to see the usefulness of what they have been asked to learn.
    • Create supportive relationships between students and adults and between home high school and technology center staff to provide students with the support needed to meet challenging course standards and complete a career-focused program of study, enabling more students to transition successfully from the high school to post-secondary studies, advanced training or work.
    • Work with parents and home high schools to help students set educational and career goals and complete the right combination of courses that prepare them for post-secondary studies, further training or employment.
    • Support teachers with common planning time and professional development to improve what and how students are taught.

    The TCTW initiative builds the capacity of technology center staff to teach essential college- and career-readiness courses through authentic projects, problems and activities to help more students complete high school and graduate prepared for a wide variety of post-secondary and employment opportunities.

    Western Area Career & Technology Center, in cooperation with our nine sending schools, encourages all our students to meet these challenges.